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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez & The Scene

When The Sun Goes Down.

Background Information

My first thoughts when I heard the 1st single ‘Who Say’ was, too Disney, to child like pop. The 1st single is a Hannah Montanan ‘Who Said’ copy, there lyrics are the same there both implying (who says you cant be..) & (Who Said you cant be)

Really not impressed with the single at all. Then came rumours that she has taken a Brittney spears song and it’s going on the album, my thoughts were not true too riskily for Selene’s Disney image.

The cover leaked I was surprised; it’s a mash up of Nicki Minaj and Brittney Spears. The out look is similar to Britney’s album circus and then Selene has jewellery on her heads, quite like Nicki Minaj in the Moment 4 Life video.


The 1st song on the album ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ is different to her pervious work, its catchy, more lyrically better too- (Every beautiful thought's been already sung
 and I guess right now here's another one)

The 2nd song is ‘Bang Bang Bang’ it was on iTunes for the count down release, this song took my ear right away, I think some of the lines refer to pass and present boyfriends as in an interview she said ‘ I tweaked this song so it fits my life’ ohh, and by boyfriends I mean (Nick Jonas & Justin Bieber).

The 3rd song and the 1st single which I was referring too ‘Who Says’ is wrong, this song does not fit into the album, at Hannah Montana would be cursing in her grave.

The 4th song on the album is ‘We Own The Night Feat Pixie Lott’ the song is amazing, pixie lott and Selena should be a double act there voices blend so well, pixie wrote the song, and it would have been nice if they wrote it with one another though.

The 5th song on the albums called ‘Hit The Lights’ I really think it is a party song even for Selena, its very sad, but it fits into a really big party song you really do lose your self.

The 6th song on the album is ‘Whiplash’ which was wrote by Britney spears it’s a sexy song, and selena pulled it off, fast singing almost like rapping, does she have that super bass ;)

The 7th song on the album is ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ my favourite on the album, its like ‘The Edge Of Glory’ by Lady Gaga where it repeats it self, best song on the album really the lyric structure is amazing, really powerful.

The 8th song on the album is ‘My Dilemma’ Very catchy it’s a hard song to get out of your head, I really like the meaning and the lyrics again, are to melt for, really good, if this is not a single off the album, she will regret it.

The 9th song on the album is ‘That More Like It’ SO HAPPY THIS IS ON HERE, it shows a side to Selena where she does want things, she does have her bosses moments, it’s a very in powering song towards woman!

The 10th song on the album is ‘Outlaw’ her vocals are amazing on this track, they meaning of the song is really different too, still a good track!

The 11th track on the song is ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ Its different, not sure it should have made the album, too grown up for her I think.

The last track Is ‘Dices (Who Says Spanish) honestly I would be happy it’s a good thing she has done this just for very one who knows Spanish.


Best vocal album, so far really happy with it, would have been better if she wrote some of the tracks and there should have been more songs, lets hope there are many,many more singles and music videos.

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